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One Year Later My Blog Grew

Today, or around this time, marks a transition – I started a blog

I started my blog this time last time. It might have something to do with the lazy summer days and the long evenings which made me feel like I had enough time to do it. I had been reading blogs and watching YouTube tutorials for years and kept thinking I could never do it myself. You always think I could never write anything worthwhile or interesting. It’s true the ‘market’ is saturated now and certainly when I started reading in around 2008 there weren’t as many bloggers around. Anyway I digress.

My blog in one year

My blog started off as a photography blog as I love taking photographs and making things look pretty. I wanted a way to show them off and so I started uploading them and making comments or analysis of them.

Having a niche on a blog is a bit of cliche but it’s difficult, for me anyway, to stick to one topic as I can randomly come up with ideas all day every day. It’s great to be able to write about whatever I feel I may want to see / what I may have looked for in the past. I do write about topics that interest me which generally fit into lifestyle but fashion and beauty, my main interests, do feature. The photos take the time up!

I did take a hiatus at the end of summer as a ‘wobbly’ was thrown; we all have rubbish months! I got back in to it probably around the time I quit my legal career. Suddenly I wasn’t drained from constantly having to think about what I should be thinking about. I was free!

There is still so much I want to do and change but it’s all a work in progress. I have gone self-hosted (minefield and did a lot of searching online). I bought a cool theme and like to change this regularly and more recently have been refining what I write and making it less wordy.

Why you could do it too – the blog starter

It can be about whatever you want and who cares who reads it! Seriously though; concentrating on figures and stressing about growth doesn’t get you started. I just write for me really and it’s a bonus if people enjoy it. You can share what you have done on social media and friends and relatives can comment so at least you will have some readers when you kick off.

Blogging is a passion and you have to be passionate as it takes up a lot of time. I don’t need to spell it out but start with words and the rest flows. I am literally mostly learning as I go along but also from free courses, people with greater knowledge than me and tutorials.


Wandering as far as the sea

Wanderlust is essentially that; the lust to wander. The innate feeling of wanting to travel and see what else is out there. Think of this as cabin fever or itchy feet. I am one of those people where the need to escape and travel haunts me regularly and I don’t even think you need to actually go far to do this. I think any activity which steers away from the norm can sometimes satisfy the wanderlust.

Where does wanderlust come from? 

For me an incessant wandering mind. If your mind is constantly wondering what is out there and where can you go next then you will want to naturally visit these places. For me wanderlust is the desire to see more than four walls.

It can also stem from a severe fear of wasting your life or even a deep dissatisfaction with the way your life is going.

I used to think everything would be great when I left home or if I was really rich and could travel constantly. Now my mindset hasn’t necessarily changed; I am just more determined to try everything.

Why has wanderlust happened? 

Over time my definition of ‘rich’ has changed. You can be rich in money, rich in health etc. and from when I once thought you could only be rich if you had loads of spare cash I now feel rich being able to take on new experiences. What I want to do is worth more to me than working 90 hour weeks in the ‘rat race’. The worst nightmare and not a life. By no ways wandering or lustful.

How has wanderlust happened? 

This has developed in me via my natural instincts and personality. Perfectionism to be precise. I have always strived for 100% in everything and now that million pound house is on the backburner as I have meaningful life experiences to thank for satisfying me. I have so often been disappointed by ‘stuff’ or places and jobs because they don’t meet my perfect world ideal. Now that I’m not willing to settle anymore, I have learnt to see the richest parts of each opportunity. I never have masses of money so it forces me to use what I have creatively. I’m not a lazy person and never have been and do what I needed to do to get through the hard times. My first job was delivering newspapers when I was 13 where I a`rnt £6.00 a week and I’ve pretty much worked ever since.

The future.

I’m very much like most girls/women. I love fashion, makeup, TV and can still treat myself but I now have an appreciation for what I have instead of beating myself up for what I had.

So many people will put up with their life and continue to run the race. I am continuing but I am also now making improvements for me because I owe that to myself.

Not sure when my wanderlust will ever stop or where it will lead me next. One thing I know for sure is that I won’t be ashamed anymore that I keep ‘chopping and changing’.

Getting a job is so often these days based on your past experiences and it’s the age old adage that recruiters are put off by a candidate having many past jobs. I have come to the conclusion then that that experience is not worth fighting for. I’d had a pretty standard job past until now . Before now criticism got to me in the worst way. I wasn’t good enough; I wasn’t as good as the other candidates obviously. Now I know that I just don’t fit their ‘ideal’ and that’s ok. Rejection is for a reason.

Summarising the ramblings and some further points -

  1. Im no longer putting up with sub-standard experiences longer.
  2. Moving continuously on does not mean there is something wrong with you.
  3. Having mortgages and children is not the be all and end all.
  4. As long as you good enough in your eyes that’s all that matters.

Life is not a constant and the way most people live it is. I can’t live ‘constantly’; I existed only. Now I fly.

Let me know your experiences or opinions!



Female Entrepreneur in Business

Female Entrepreneur in Business

How did I get on in Female Entrepreneur Week? 

So after watching the videos and completing the worksheets I have learnt some really interesting information for starting and maintaining a business. I’m one of those people who would like to start a business but just needs the push to do so. To that end, I’m gathering all the information first before taking the plunge so I may differ from the stereotype of women who may have been involved.

Nadia Finer – Profit Maximising in Business 

So I learnt a lot but I’ll just mention a few interesting points to note that I learnt through the week.

Nadia explained how to maximise profit in business and there are five key points.






Promise is all about what you can deliver. You need to establish what you can offer as results is what your customers are interested in.

Personality focuses on what you have to offer and how you can add your own personal story to your brand. Everyone can relate to a story and I’m sure you would be more willing to buy in to a brand that had a personal touch.

Packaging is all about what you could create to leverage relationships with your clients. What works for them and could add value? This ties in well with Laura’s training based on your ideal client – see below.

Pricing is all about not underselling yourself and believing you are worth what you are charging. Nadia shared some interesting tips on holding on to the customer. For example it’s more costworthy to offer a package for a certain time where you can get the most value for your client and still make money.

Pipeline – the future for your business! What’s your goals and how are you going to meet them? Nurture existing relationships but also how are you going to attract new clients?

Laura Robinson and the Wortitude Club

Laura founded the Worditude Club to allow women to create valuable copy for their websites and marketing.

It seems really obvious but when you have to have an idea who you want to connect with. Write a profile of your exact client e.g

Typical age?

What they look like?

Male or female?

What can you offer them that they may need?

Try not to be too focused on marketing or providing your product or service to that exact demographic as other clients may come along too! As long as you focus on providing content for your ideal client, others will always come along.

There is so much more to learn and read and if you’re still interested check out the pinned post in the Facebook Group. There’s more information regarding Nadia, Laura and all of the other female entrepreneurs and what they can do to help!






FEW decide they can do it

FEW do it, can you?

So, have you ever thought of starting your own business or do you want to leave your current position to ‘start-up’ on your own?? Become an entrepreneur!

Why Am I Doing It? 

So I am getting involved with this amazing opportunity because I am always coming up with crazy ideas and never thinking I will get anywhere. I have decided that with the right leadership and guidance anyone can do it including me!

Why Should You Do It?

  • To gain more confidence
  • It won’t cost you
  • Gain some new friends
  • Build your business
  • Get creative
  • Come up with some new ideas

What is FEW?

Female Entrepreneur Week; which kicks off now and runs until 30 June.

So FEW ‘s creator Nadia Finer who is an author and entrepreneur wants to encourage and provide tips and tricks for women like you to get started in business. The training and tips are FREE and on for 10 days. Nadia has brought together 6 other entrepreneurs to assist and impart their wisdom.

Training will include details on –

  • Learning how to make and maximise profits
  • Connecting with your ideal client – the first steps
  • Building a brand
  • Facebook Ads
  • How to influence using PR
  • Business finances
  • Creating copy and building on your expertise.

Sign up today or the next few days for a chance to shine and become an entrepreneur. All of the training and videos will be recorded so you can watch when you like and also you can  join the closed Facebook group to ask any questions you may have. Gain new friends and contacts too.

Will you be one of the FEW? 

Sign up for the newsletter / lectures here

Join the Facebook Group here


Official Blogger for FEW

Official Blogger for Female Entrepreneur Week

Mental Health

Mind over Matter

Recently there has been quite a lot on social media regarding depression and mental health. There is such a stigma attached to it and it may take you a long time to realise you are depressed or are experiencing mental health problems. I believe the more awareness of it and public money pumped in to it, the more we can talk about it. It’s always great to see when celebrities or social media stars admit they have problems or have had problems as it raises further awareness and encourages all of their loyal fans to do the same.

So I am writing this to get my point of view across on a slightly different angle; on how one thing can trigger depression and how to overcome it or deal with it. When it comes to mental health one thing I have had personal experience of is that GP’s don’t know how to deal with it. They are ingrained to diagnose and treat the ‘treatable’; the ‘obvious’. If you can explain what’s wrong, they can throw some pills or tests your way. But what if you can’t? Can you pinpoint an exact time when you started feeling like it; probably not. The hardest part is when they hand you a questionnaire that asks a series of questions about how you feel. Do you really know or is it just a guess? I always found this quite clinical. It’s not quantifiable in that respect and surely it’s easier to ask about your life that is the right thing to do to make you feel more like a person. Why can’t they show some sort of empathy?

The point here is that even for those few minutes you are there, you may feel like someone has listened and you can get if off your chest. Obviously it’s not an easy or quick road but it’s a human one. I have only experienced this from a GP maybe once.

Aside from all of this is that, when you are forced to discuss it with your GP or counsellor or a mental health professional, you are forced to explore the deep-routed crevices which leads to the thorny bush you are enslaved in. When I really discussed my own problems I believe my return to home after I left university triggered certain feelings. I am pinpointing this as that’s the first period in my life I can remember when it became tough. As you probably know, it creeps up and takes over and pills don’t really solve it. They are a tool in order to help you do something better (i.e. they help your brain to cope with the onslaught) but they don’t cure you. Exploring your life and your decisions since the feelings started is the best starting point.

Of course again just talking or remembering the triggers doesn’t always help however I believe that they better equip us for next time it happens like learning a lesson. Another example for me was when I went to South Africa on a trip of a lifetime a few years back. It genuinely opened my eyes up to another part of the world and almost awakened me. It was like I’d been asleep for years and had just woken up to what the world actually had to offer (it was my first time outside of Europe also). Things are only helpless or impossible if you make them out to be. I went on this trip and yearned for more as soon as I returned. Life still hasn’t been quite the same since then nearly 2 years later. I still have that yearning for more and that drive to do more and I’ve made some harsh but good decisions since. I’m glad they made me slip in to depression, in a way, as otherwise I might have continued to plod on down my boring pointless path and I don’t think I ever would have found something to better or improve about my life or myself. It’s the whole seeing the wood from the trees argument.

I just want to say that scientifically I don’t know what causes depression or how it does. All’s I can share is my views and experiences and say that it can be a downward spiral. You may get the holiday blues or post-summer blues etc. but what if the feelings compound your one bitter thought and don’t go away? One event, like leaving university or returning from a big trip, can almost thrust us in to a yearning for the past again. The way to beat it is a long slog but its like a muscle. If you work on it everyday it gets stronger and can take more. I will never not have the threat of mental health problems looming in the background but the more I practice blocking it out the easier it is to focus on improving my future so I can do these amazing things again. I also feel that there is a fear that I will never feel the same way I did then which of course triggers the pain again. I can’t control it so I need to go with it. I need to make those memories and move on. I now try to feel grateful for those experiences and not feel anger that they are gone because I would stay stuck in 2009 or 2015. If I really remind myself of the truth, that I can never go back to those years, then I can say to myself that the experiences are the past but as the future beckons so do the experiences that I have yet to experience. Surely that is more exciting than dwelling on something that can not be edited.

Let me know your experiences.