London Fashion Week #LFW And Social Media



So most of us mere mortals probably wouldn’t get the chance to go to this unless we were famous or had millions of followers but it’s always nice to follow what’s going on in the national news, publications and of course via blogs and social media.

I read an interesting opinion in The Economist where the author had concluded that she felt that London Fashion Week had lost some of its shine essentially as instead of waiting patiently for the lovely magazine spread, we instead login Instagram and see the latest fashion instantaneously.

Now I would say what is wrong with that! Times change and society and the economies of fashion and beauty change with it. Who in this day and age wants to wait months to read about something so current? This is of course where digital magazines win out.

I would also say that there will be always be a market and demand for magazines and news stories on these topics particularly when writing literature and books in the future. I would say that I would still be likely to read the article later on in time just out of general interest especially if there were articles confirming where cheaper versions could be bought (as it would take some time for the copies or interpretations to filter in to our shops).

As per my original point, us mere mortals like having the information at our fingertips and I certainly would love to see more interpretations of the catwalk fashions featured on blogs or Twitter or Instagram. I can only see that it spark ¬†interest earlier which results in getting more sales for the designers as people flock to buy the latest ‘it’ bag or a copy of it.

Are you likely to emulate any of the latest fashions ahead of the seasons?

I particularly recommend Alice Archer who I follow on Instagram. Her collections are a mixture of pretty embroidery and romantic prints / paintings. Wear similar or take inspiration with 90’s denim with embroidered flowers or silky bombers.

Pretty Bomber Jacket –

Alice’s Instagram –

Here is an link to the article –


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