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Last week I was lucky enough to be invited to this fantastic event which showcased some fantastic young international /British designers.

The night consisted of general networking between bloggers, editors, designers and other people associated with the fashion and beauty industry.

The photos speak for themselves however notably I was impressed by TwentyFourFashion. I was intrigued by the simple clean cut designs of the ‘power suits’ on display. The designer behind the collection, Lucy Manna, told me that she wanted to create pieces that reflected the individualism of each woman. They certainly do that as they are designed in such a way so that each woman can style them how she wants. I would describe them as minimalist as they were simple in such a classy way. The pink suit is made of woven silk! ( I thought it was linen)! You can purchase these and other pieces from TwentyFour Fashion from ASOS marketplace, Silk Fred and their website. The dress that Lucy wears in the slideshow photos is the Haile dress.

The link to Silk Fred is as follows: and shop the collection at

I also got around to talking to the designer of the amazing Morphe London jewellery collection. Dimitra designs her pieces based on shapes and forms and the themes include Bones, Shells and the Soul. Her experience as an architect have helped her create beautifully crafted pieces which I was surprised to hear are designed with a 3D printer! They are made from bronze or gold plated steel. There was also some sterling silver pieces.Shop her collection at

Fashion brand Ann-Celeste was there also. I was intrigued and delighted to be introduced to her Mope collection containing pieces designed with an African edge. She delighted the audience by relaying how she had come to design the pieces because she was constantly getting chased down the street by women desperate to know where she had purchased her outfits from. Of course this was before the Ann-Celeste brand was created but Celeste realised that her contemporary and instinctive sense of style would come in useful in her new venture. Find her on Instagram @anncelestelondon and

Luxury scarf designer IA London showcased their amazing silk scarves which can be found at The scarves show off a unique colourful aesthetic. They reminded me of avant-garde or art deco type pieces and were very  brightly coloured on dark backgrounds so as not to distract from the brightness of the main colours.

Lastly I had the pleasure of meeting young model Cerys Wrigley-Moss who was modelling one of Ann-Celeste’s designs. Cerys has been a model for a few years and is managed by her mother Karen. She is a high fashion and runway model and has modelled for ASOS, Zibi London amongst a few and was also featured on the catwalk for London Fashion Week February 2017. I have a feeling we will be seeing a lot more of Cerys in the future. See some more of Cerys’s work on Instagram @cwmoss_x.

Lastly find Favotell at or on Twitter. They are a brand management company who showcase amazing brands like the ones I have mentioned. Do get in touch with them if they can assist you with your brand. There were more amazing brands at the event also but I have written about a few as above.

Penguin at London Zoo

You will notice here that the penguin has a slight halo effect around his head. Most photographers may try to avoid this as it can essentially ruin a nice photograph like taking a photo with the sun directly overhead.

I like to simulate it as much as possible. Why? I guess I like to add an ethereal dreamy quality and I like focus on particular objects or sections.

So here we have a penguin I shot at London Zoo. Adding it is easy on the IPhone. I’d say it’s quite difficult to get it right on a mobile camera as it either looks too blurred or the image focuses and stablises. Use Photoshop or my personal favourite Snapseed for optimal effects.

So here the colours are quite dark but I wanted to add highlight to the stream of water behind for a dynamic feel. The photograph is split into two sections – the texture of the bottom of the ‘tank’ and the top section which is clear. I feel it may cause a harsh divide on inspection but let me know what you think. It’s about creating something different right!?

Finally you will note that there appears to be a halo around the had of the penguin. A lot of people don’t like it as it appears to highlight areas of poor exposure being compensated by an artificial highlight. I added it for contrast to draw attention to the double effect penguin.

My favourite part is the apparent ghost of the penguin which adds a dynamic quality. I also think the grain of the photo makes it look like a painting which again I do like to do.

What do you think?


Blue Sky at Night?

OK so another critical analysis. This time I hope the photo does the talking. Apologies for the hiatus due to other commitments! Time to get back to what I know best.

This is a photograph I took on my iPhone.

1. The visual aesthetic is good with a clear focus on the sky and other aspects are also in the focus.

2. There is a highlighted section down the centre which immediately draws your attention.

3. There are a mixture of colours in the sky which makes it a lot more interesting to look at then just one key colour. Essentially there is ‘texture’.

4. The line of the sky appears to lead you to the corner where the house is so this means the focus is still on the sky but draws us to other aspects.

5. It brings me back to a time of peace. The photograph was taken in Scotland so it evokes memory and stirs an inner peace.

More to come soon!

img_3514So I went to Scotland ( the highlands ). We stayed at a place called Hope Lodge on Loch Hope. It was a bit of paradox because the weather and temperature at that time of year can be up and down. More pics to follow!

You can see that the sun is shining from the left hand side so there is no direct glare on the photograph however this does cause slight over exposure in the clouds. Looking closely you can see that the suns ray does highlight a section of the photograph a couple of centimetres from the left hand side.

The salmon farm floating on the creates a focal point in the photograph.

The contrast comes from the lines of the hills in the background and the different colours of the grass.

How could this be improved?



Best place in the world for photo opportunities! Central London has everything; the shopping, the restaurants, the houses but it also has some very beautiful places which look amazing in black and white!

The photo is black and white / monochrome so in that case I feel it is important to add texture or contrast to add interest in the absence of any colour. The contrast lies in the features displayed in photo against the lighter sky and clouds.

There is slight texture to the water but one small shadow of the Big Ben.

To further improve this photo I have added or edited the same to add grey to the sky so the photo is not just black and white.

It is disappointing that the darker parts don’t show up much of the detail which I may improve and report back on later.

The people in the foreground add a general business or hustle and bustle.

How else could I change this photo?