FEW decide they can do it

FEW do it, can you?

So, have you ever thought of starting your own business or do you want to leave your current position to ‘start-up’ on your own?? Become an entrepreneur!

Why Am I Doing It? 

So I am getting involved with this amazing opportunity because I am always coming up with crazy ideas and never thinking I will get anywhere. I have decided that with the right leadership and guidance anyone can do it including me!

Why Should You Do It?

  • To gain more confidence
  • It won’t cost you
  • Gain some new friends
  • Build your business
  • Get creative
  • Come up with some new ideas

What is FEW?

Female Entrepreneur Week; which kicks off now and runs until 30 June.

So FEW ‘s creator Nadia Finer who is an author and entrepreneur wants to encourage and provide tips and tricks for women like you to get started in business. The training and tips are FREE and on for 10 days. Nadia has brought together 6 other entrepreneurs to assist and impart their wisdom.

Training will include details on –

  • Learning how to make and maximise profits
  • Connecting with your ideal client – the first steps
  • Building a brand
  • Facebook Ads
  • How to influence using PR
  • Business finances
  • Creating copy and building on your expertise.

Sign up today or the next few days for a chance to shine and become an entrepreneur. All of the training and videos will be recorded so you can watch when you like and also you can  join the closed Facebook group to ask any questions you may have. Gain new friends and contacts too.

Will you be one of the FEW? 

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Official Blogger for FEW

Official Blogger for Female Entrepreneur Week

Mental Health

Mind over Matter

Recently there has been quite a lot on social media regarding depression and mental health. There is such a stigma attached to it and it may take you a long time to realise you are depressed or are experiencing mental health problems. I believe the more awareness of it and public money pumped in to it, the more we can talk about it. It’s always great to see when celebrities or social media stars admit they have problems or have had problems as it raises further awareness and encourages all of their loyal fans to do the same.

So I am writing this to get my point of view across on a slightly different angle; on how one thing can trigger depression and how to overcome it or deal with it. When it comes to mental health one thing I have had personal experience of is that GP’s don’t know how to deal with it. They are ingrained to diagnose and treat the ‘treatable’; the ‘obvious’. If you can explain what’s wrong, they can throw some pills or tests your way. But what if you can’t? Can you pinpoint an exact time when you started feeling like it; probably not. The hardest part is when they hand you a questionnaire that asks a series of questions about how you feel. Do you really know or is it just a guess? I always found this quite clinical. It’s not quantifiable in that respect and surely it’s easier to ask about your life that is the right thing to do to make you feel more like a person. Why can’t they show some sort of empathy?

The point here is that even for those few minutes you are there, you may feel like someone has listened and you can get if off your chest. Obviously it’s not an easy or quick road but it’s a human one. I have only experienced this from a GP maybe once.

Aside from all of this is that, when you are forced to discuss it with your GP or counsellor or a mental health professional, you are forced to explore the deep-routed crevices which leads to the thorny bush you are enslaved in. When I really discussed my own problems I believe my return to home after I left university triggered certain feelings. I am pinpointing this as that’s the first period in my life I can remember when it became tough. As you probably know, it creeps up and takes over and pills don’t really solve it. They are a tool in order to help you do something better (i.e. they help your brain to cope with the onslaught) but they don’t cure you. Exploring your life and your decisions since the feelings started is the best starting point.

Of course again just talking or remembering the triggers doesn’t always help however I believe that they better equip us for next time it happens like learning a lesson. Another example for me was when I went to South Africa on a trip of a lifetime a few years back. It genuinely opened my eyes up to another part of the world and almost awakened me. It was like I’d been asleep for years and had just woken up to what the world actually had to offer (it was my first time outside of Europe also). Things are only helpless or impossible if you make them out to be. I went on this trip and yearned for more as soon as I returned. Life still hasn’t been quite the same since then nearly 2 years later. I still have that yearning for more and that drive to do more and I’ve made some harsh but good decisions since. I’m glad they made me slip in to depression, in a way, as otherwise I might have continued to plod on down my boring pointless path and I don’t think I ever would have found something to better or improve about my life or myself. It’s the whole seeing the wood from the trees argument.

I just want to say that scientifically I don’t know what causes depression or how it does. All’s I can share is my views and experiences and say that it can be a downward spiral. You may get the holiday blues or post-summer blues etc. but what if the feelings compound your one bitter thought and don’t go away? One event, like leaving university or returning from a big trip, can almost thrust us in to a yearning for the past again. The way to beat it is a long slog but its like a muscle. If you work on it everyday it gets stronger and can take more. I will never not have the threat of mental health problems looming in the background but the more I practice blocking it out the easier it is to focus on improving my future so I can do these amazing things again. I also feel that there is a fear that I will never feel the same way I did then which of course triggers the pain again. I can’t control it so I need to go with it. I need to make those memories and move on. I now try to feel grateful for those experiences and not feel anger that they are gone because I would stay stuck in 2009 or 2015. If I really remind myself of the truth, that I can never go back to those years, then I can say to myself that the experiences are the past but as the future beckons so do the experiences that I have yet to experience. Surely that is more exciting than dwelling on something that can not be edited.

Let me know your experiences.



Chanel Book

Little Book of Chanel


I used to read books all the time when I studied English but this fell to the wayside when I started a career which took over my life. Since giving all of that up I can get back to my first love.

The Little Book of Chanel is by Emma Baxter-Wright and published by Carlton Books. It was a good light read about one of my favourite topics; fashion. Carlton Books are an international publisher based in London and they publish illustrated books for adults and children on a range of interesting topics and hobbies such as art, photography, history, puzzles and many more.

The book is a good concise history of Coco Chanel’s brand and focuses mostly on the early years and the rise of Chanel with small sections on accessories, jewellery, beauty and fragrance and the Chanel 2:55 Bag.

The front cover is matte black with glossy white lettering which reflects the simple elegance that Chanel tried to bring about all those years ago. The first word you read when you pick up the book is Chanel as it is in the standard Chanel logo font.  I knew it was about Chanel but I wasn’t sure what it was fully about so I guess that’s what makes you pick it up! The cover also has a faint quilting pattern which is similar to a Chanel handbag which I thought was a nice touch.

The book is well worth a read if you are a fashion student and / or just generally want a brief but detailed review of Chanel’s life. It discusses her early years and how she went on to start her successful clothing empire which is still around today.

There is a large section which covers Chanel’s style and how the periods influenced her designs over the years. It discusses the influence of Chanel in a 1940’s war zone and post war France. Later pages discusses her last years and there is also a chapter on Lagerfeld and his influence on the brand after he took the helm after her death. Lastly there are some sections on Chanel accessories and beauty and fragrance. There isn’t a lot about these and I think these could be expanded upon but the book does do exactly what it says on the tin really as it’s a ‘little’ book of Chanel.

I like the fact that there are many photographs and captions. I also think the tone is just right as it basically tells a story in a formal way but is not complicated to follow. I learnt a lot about the reasons Chanel designed her clothes and developed her style the way she did.

Sometimes the captions refer to photos over the page so you may be flicking back and forth to read it but this didn’t take away from my enjoyment of the book.

To be in with a chance of grabbing a free copy provided by Carlton Books comment or like on here or my Facebook, Twitter or Instagram and I will pick a winner! 




The book was provided to me free of charge by Carlton Books for the subject of a review however I chose the book myself. Please note also the book is unofficial.




Are you getting married this summer or know someone that is? They say summer is the time for romance and love so get inspired by some of these brands! I went to a brides event at the House of Garrad in London’s Mayfair. The House of Garrad has a rich history being the jeweller of choice for the Royal Family and the designer of Diana Princess of Wales’ iconic sapphire engagement ring; now belonging to Catherine, the Duchess of Cambridge. If you are looking for the perfect ring or even a tiara and have some cash to spend take a look even just for inspo!

The event, hosted by Condé Nast’s Brides magazine, was an opportunity for brides and their family/friends to experience and book some of the brands on offer for their big days.

Some of the best there were Kate Halfpenny with her beautifully crafted gowns. It’s so lovely to note that the dresses are made in the UK so you can be sure that you are supporting home grown fashion when you choose Halfpenny to create your wedding dress. I was particularly impressed as she has designed a variety of gowns (of which a small selection was on show at the event) and they are all so different but in a wonderful signature style. I was inspired by the innovative separates; the Marlene trousers and Loretta corset and my absolute favourite – the Bumble top and Iris slip. The Bumble top was so well crafted and featured hand embroidered bees with crystals and is exactly the kind of top I would be looking for. The best part was that the separates didn’t look separate!

A team from Jo Malone were there also and the staff were so lovely and knowledgable about the brand. The perfumes, or colognes as they are called, only have a maximum of 10 ingredients in and feature such fragrances as peony and blush suede and velvet rose and oud which, when layered, were hypnotic. Would you ever consider booking a consultation for a bridal scent!? Wonderful idea! You can even get a bespoke lace etched bottle.

I wandered around for a length of time and also came across a range of other talented works and design. Check out GC Couture for their range of cakes with flavours such as amaretto fruitcake and apple crumble and even pina colada! Bobbi Brown Make-Up were there also with their range of professional make up. The quality and longevity of the make-up has long since been claimed and I did say I would need to try some soon!

Finally I also came across The Wedding Shop who help you to create a beautiful curated wedding gift list. They can supply inserts into your invitation to let guests know where your list is and the range included some stylish homeware but you could also ask for honeymoon contributions which are held in a ring-fenced account and sent to you after your big day.

Finally finally but definitely not below in the rankings were Michael Van Clarke Hair who offer bespoke hair and make-up packages and Phillipa Craddock Flowers; Selfridges’ only in-store florist!

There were so many more but these are just a few which I loved and if you are getting married check them all out today!










N.B. This was a free event that I attended of my own accord and all opinions are my own.