IMG_6301These trends can be seen as tomorrow’s trends as they tend to last for a few years or seasons. The driving force behind tomorrow’s trends appears to be something that can be traced to the following of certain influencers.

I start with a designer who featured in London Fashion Week. Later on this year we are still seeing the bold ruffles but combined with the large floaty sleeves as seen in the Autumn/Winter 2017 collection of Teatum Jones.

Logo tees will always be an effortless chic micro trend but these have gained a more fervent popularity recently by the introduction of a ‘freshened up’ classic logo tee designed by Alessandro Michele, creative director for Gucci.

Following on from Gucci I would like to mention the influence of brands such as Robert Cavalli and Alice Archer with their vintage inspired romantic embroidery and floral designs. Floral will always be a trend which is seen from season to season and is encapsulated in different ways depending on the season. Cavalli showcases a Enchanted Garden theme with bold fabrics and florals and the 70s theme is captured well by the long styles, long sleeves and neck ties. Alice Archer’s upcoming collections present the micro trends slightly differently in the use of heavy vintage style embroidery to create the blooms and bright hues to accentuate the same. The vintage inspiration is encapsulated in the heavy shoulders of the Autumn/Winter 2017 collection including the Fauna dress, Fleur shirt and Francoise Shirt dress.

Lastly a micro trend that has survived a number of seasons now is the midi pleat skirt as seen in Mary Katrantzou’s Autumn/Winter 2017 collection. The Suzette skirt and Exene skirt are great examples of the pleated midi skirt micro trend. The Exene skirt features colourful vintage tie prints which accentuates the sharp pleats.

From the high street, Zara of course is a top pick as they usually have the one or two must have sell out pieces. They have made use of floral embroidery on everything from shirts, jeans, skirts and shoes. There are a currently a mixture of floral designs to take us from Spring / Summer in to Autumn / Winter with some lighter coloured fabrics with a hint of floral embellishment to dark fabrics with rich adornment.

Make sure you check out ASOS for their logo tees which also slot neatly in with the sport luxe trend featuring a Fila or Adidas logo here and then.

Of course if you like vintage and own any they always come in handy. I will be talking about some of the pieces I picked up at recent fairs shortly! for the article!



I have found that if you feel you have mental health issues or a diagnosed condition you are not alone but if you feel you’re the only one, you’re not alone but you feel alone. The loneliest place in the world is your own head as only you are ‘in it’; you have to let anyone or anything else in.

Where I find you almost have no choice is where the ‘disorder’, the poison, the anxiety which taints you enters and everyone is suddenly an expert. Everyone is a doctor, a therapist, a psychiatrist. I can tell you i’ve seen all of them and I believe the only one who can understand what you’re going through is you and others who have the same condition. That’s not to say your condition is the same as someone else’s as that’s the cruel nature of it. You can’t explain usually but maybe you can relate in some way perhaps.

From my point of view the biggest issue for me when I first got diagnosed with ‘depression’ years ago were my massive insecurities which culminated in pushing everyone around me to their limits. Part of the issue was my inherent need to cause chaos. If something was going well or right, it’s like it wasn’t enough. I’d almost not consciously analyse a situation making up things in my head as I went along and accused people of things that I had concocted. Either that or manipulative people found a way to use it to their advantage so they could say it was all in my head.

This lead on to the moods and the range of emotion I could, and still do, feel on a daily basis. Rage, hurt, anger, upset, elation, hurt, excitement, upset, rage over and over again. Imagine what it feels like to be on a loop. A roller coaster; which, the first time you experience it, you may feel excitement or trepidation and you may go through a range of emotions whilst on the ride. The problem is you can’t get off and the feelings are on repeat with no way off.

The way out for a borderline? Self harm? Well in my case it was usually self destruction. Destroy and wear down those closest to me to reflect the way I felt about myself. Spend as much as possible as it’s only money; I won’t need it when i’m gone one day. There’s probably more behaviours that I can’t even identify too.

You’re probably thinking if I can discuss it so succinctly and can ‘recognise’ it, it should be easy to control or stop, right?


Remember the roller coaster? You’re trapped on it and can’t get off. You can’t control it, you can just come to terms with it and cope. I do that with a strong dose of anti-depressant. I am not ‘depressed’ and probably never was. Triggers (past experiences and events) such as leaving university I could pinpoint to making sure I was ‘depressed’ but if I really think about it depression is just a side effect.

The pills dull the sensations and deal with the ‘side effects’. They don’t help you deal with your real problems. They don’t stop you wanting to cause harm to yourself, they don’t stop you thinking, they don’t repair your shattered relationships. They make me feel normal for a fraction of time. I don’t know what your views are on them or if you even think they work; maybe they are just placebos. Either way I function.

I read an article some time back about functioning borderlines. People who function and lead normal lives with a disorder of this nature. It did resonate with me as I do feel that I ‘function’. I didn’t always and I can discuss therapy etc another time but generally I was and still am one of those people who manages to get around and do things. I don’t think it was always like that and i’m not 100% sure how or why it changes. I guess it’s because some days are worse than others but I would say my moral integrity and sense of purpose drives me on even if the two are in constant battle.

Interested to hear views! Hope you like the photo which I took.







Dear Past Vicky,

It’s funny because there shouldn’t be a need to write all of what I am about to mention as you don’t know it and haven’t felt it yet. There shouldn’t be a need to regret the past as that’s what it is; the past. Ultimately I know the past will shape the person you will become and if there was such a thing as being able to see the future in a way I wish you could have.

Please think about what you want to do. Why oh why will you be so afraid of the future that staying at university seems like the only option? The experience you will carve out for yourself there will remain the best you have had, certainly when you are nearly 30, but unfortunately as no other experience, except maybe one, will come close to it by then the demons will come knocking. It’s a shame you won’t be strong enough to fight it. I wish you won’t then proceed to lock in a little box and place it on an unreachable pedestal which you are later no longer able to reach. The shortfall will cause untold damage.

I berate you now for your constant need to please others. This over the years will cause much more harm than good and compromise your principles on more than one occasion. I wish you knew how strong you are. The opportunities you have and the people on your side are probably the most you will ever have.

A light-hearted one. You won’t believe me but dying your hair is never a good idea. I know this will come from your own insecurities rather than any particular vainness. I know, I know. It is what you want to do and no one can stop you once you get an idea in your head. I’ll tell you now; your insecurities will stop you and cause you to do so much you’re not proud of. Guess what? No one else cared or saw it and now you are just a distant memory to them.

The bad news is your heart will be broken on more than one occasion. Sadly, this will define you, test you and break you more than once. You will feel your life is over and you will cling to the past like there’s no tomorrow as you are so afraid of the future and being alone. Its difficult to swallow but why won’t you choose to face up to your independence. They say strength comes in numbers but it doesn’t. Strength comes in your ability to take a good hard look in the mirror and evaluate. But you won’t do this yet.

Most of all you will experience grief. This emotion and pain will creep up on you in the fastest and most unexpected way and stay with you. It will, however, open up new doors for you. You will channel it in to carving out more meaningful experiences and help others. Seems like something you’re not capable of right now doesn’t it?

Lastly I would say that as you near your 30th birthday you won’t have a stereotypically successful career or be married with a lovely house and children.  You’ll be stuck in limbo but you know what? For the first time in your life you will do what you want to do. You will take control. In reality your only real regret then will be how long it took you to take that look in the mirror. You may be a lot of things but weak isn’t one of them. Powerless isn’t one of them. Complacent isn’t one of them.

You don’t know it yet but you have so many hurdles to overcome to the point you will be at at the age of 30 but I want to thank you for not giving up even when it does become too hard to bear. You will keep at it and every time you think it you still won’t give up.

You also don’t know it yet but you will have some amazing times, meet some fantastic people and do some incredible things. They will define you much more than any other experience ever will.

Just a few things to say to remind yourself at 30. Don’t lose sight of why you did it. Only reflect on the past as an example of what happens when you don’t listen to yourself.

Hopefully you’ll reflect again when you near 40 and there will no doubt be much more you have learned.



Future Vicky


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