img_3514So I went to Scotland ( the highlands ). We stayed at a place called Hope Lodge on Loch Hope. It was a bit of paradox because the weather and temperature at that time of year can be up and down. More pics to follow!

You can see that the sun is shining from the left hand side so there is no direct glare on the photograph however this does cause slight over exposure in the clouds. Looking closely you can see that the suns ray does highlight a section of the photograph a couple of centimetres from the left hand side.

The salmon farm floating on the creates a focal point in the photograph.

The contrast comes from the lines of the hills in the background and the different colours of the grass.

How could this be improved?



Best place in the world for photo opportunities! Central London has everything; the shopping, the restaurants, the houses but it also has some very beautiful places which look amazing in black and white!

The photo is black and white / monochrome so in that case I feel it is important to add texture or contrast to add interest in the absence of any colour. The contrast lies in the features displayed in photo against the lighter sky and clouds.

There is slight texture to the water but one small shadow of the Big Ben.

To further improve this photo I have added or edited the same to add grey to the sky so the photo is not just black and white.

It is disappointing that the darker parts don’t show up much of the detail which I may improve and report back on later.

The people in the foreground add a general business or hustle and bustle.

How else could I change this photo?


After a visit to the London Zoo, I wanted to share these photos taken of a penguin.

It is difficult to take photos through glass for a number of reasons; mostly due to glare and reflections etc. As shown in previous photos this can sometimes be a good thing. If anything it’s fun for candid shots.

The main photo on the left has the penguin on the right which means he is not the only main focal point. I wanted the eye to be drawn to the lilac colour blending in to the blue (result of the shadow and colours in side the tank). I had to get as close as possible to the tank glass and click to auto lock the image so it didn’t blur or focus on the glass instead (may have looked cool with a blurred penguin in the background but I wanted an image of the penguin in focus!).

I love how the texture has been highlighted in this image by the mix of colours too. As much as I love colour and saturated colour to that end, I also love photos or images with a mix of darker colours which do actually add something other than colour i.e. texture or contrast like the above. The fact that the colours are dark and the penguin is not moving gives a sense of introspection and calm to the image.

Of course to add a sense of excitement I took a few of the penguin swimming under water. I really like the bottom right one because there is texture apparent on the penguin’s back. Even though the penguin is swimming it is quite a stable image taken from an iPhone camera. The slight texture and reflection above the penguin on the water also adds real depth and interest.