I’ve recently decided that I wanted to try horse riding and today I went to see a friend of mine to meet her beautiful horse.


So here is the horse’s eye. There is texture in the horse’s coat and a lovely contrast between the lighter portions of her coat to the darker one around her eye.

The slight pink of her eye is still muted in tone so it is not harsh but shows the photo as being in colour.

This photo is more interesting that a photo of the whole horse because this one has the detail that I may not have been able to capture further away. I may have also lost the quality on a zoomed image.

I find there is nothing more tranquil and peaceful than being out in the summer nights where it is peaceful, warm and there is a beautiful sunset. The far left and far right photos were taken on different nights in my back garden and the middle two were taken in Hertfordshire.

My favourite aspect of the photos in my garden are the colours and how they fade. The left one has been edited slightly to give a stormy feel and the right is a lot calmer. The street light is the main feature of the left photo. I actually tried to take the photo without this in but was pleased when it turned out in the middle so it kind of ‘balances’ the photo.

I love how the silhouettes of the trees add contrast to the middle photos. I don’t think they would be as interesting without.

What do you think?

These are the cattle that I am sometimes able to help look after on my boyfriend’s father’s farm and this photo sums up my love of these docile animals.

I decided to put a black and white filter on this as it adds a kind of vintage feel but also I like the way one cow is directly behind the other. This gives the photo an interesting quality as it draws the eye from one cow to another in a line.

I think that it may have made for a better photo if the cows were the same colour but maybe this wouldn’t have provided the contrast the photo needs.

The focus should be on the cow’s eye but I think I was more focused on making sure they didn’t move or lick me before I could take the photograph.

I feel it needed to be taken on their level (i.e. lower down) as this is their natural stance. I also really like the natural texture caught on the cows head which breaks up the image.

Of course a point to note is that I haven’t used flash. I feel this would have created a harsh tone and also frightened the cattle.



Lots of people can appreciate photography but here are my reasons…

1.Photography is a way to express creativity with very little extra equipment

So far I have been using my iPhone SE to produce some images and that’s about it. Apart from some slight retouching Apps (which you can also download to your smart phone – for free for the most part!) there isn’t a lot to it at this stage. I also have a Sony ‘point and shoot’ camera.

2. Photography is a way of capturing the raw essence of a moment forever

I think it can be difficult with art i.e. paintings or watercolours if you don’t get what you want across in some way. Even if some photographers are not happy with the way their photos have come out by way of editing or retouching they have still captured the rawness of that moment which can stay with you forever.

3. There are so many ways you can store your photos

Seems obvious here but when it comes to your hefty physical portfolio or iCloud storage (which I have recently had to buy more of..!!) you can store them everywhere and anywhere. I would also suggest on the wall, in frames on the desk or even under a removable glass top of a dressing table which I have done before.

4. You can change or edit the photographs 

This is not just for the perfectionists out there. This is for those people, like me, that like the raw image (or may not) and want to make something a bit special for a different occasion. You can also create a different mood with a different filter or just a different hue.

5. Even if your friend or your partner or your dog (!!) doesn’t like it someone will

Photographs are an expression and reflection of ourselves and in some ways an extension of personality and therefore they are meant to be subjective. It doesn’t matter if one particular  shot doesn’t have one particular person’s approval because the whole point is, from a hobbyist’s point of view, you are your own worst enemy and harshest critic here.

6. Photographs are the windows to the soul

They say the eyes the windows to the soul however you can see a lot in photos too! The photos have depth and colour and shade and contrast and they are easily the most beautiful piece of art to transform your walls which leads on to…

7. Photos can transform a room

I can walk in to a room and be drawn to a particular photo so quickly. They can tell a story, show heartbreak, exhibit emotion, and generally brighten your otherwise drab living room.

8. You can photograph anything and everything 

I have to say that I like to photograph particular landscape and skies because of the colour and interest however any photographer who is passionate about their hobby or career will say that you can take photos of anything. From last night’s dinner to horses in a field photograph what you like when you want.

9. You can photograph whenever you like and when inspiration hits

You may not have a decent camera on you or a notepad or pen or watercolours etc but you’ll always have a smart phone where you can capture the best images as they happen.

10. Lastly but not least, there are many platforms that support this beautiful and interesting hobby! 

Instagram, Snapchat, Facebook,  Pintrest EyeEm …. Use them all! IMG_2421

Hope you like this photograph!